"It's a great thing when a passion and a career come together. I just happen to be REALLLLLY passionate about craft cocktails!" - Alicen

About Alicen

Hello and welcome!

Although I was a portrait photographer for many years, the last couple have been dedicated to hospitality photography & social media PR - mostly food, cocktail, hotel and travel. Just last year I quit my "9-to-5" to do this full time. Making the career switch has been a good one - every single day I wake up happy and in love with what I do.

So what is Social Media PR?  Simply put, it's the combining of creative content or specialized photography with social media expertise.

If you're in a hospitality location that's driven mostly by PR firms and you REALLY need to stand out (for longer than the "grand opening phase" that some PR companies specialize in) then my method of Social Media Management & Social Media PR may work best for you. Make no mistake that some PR brands really do amazing work and I'm a huge fan of some publicists I've worked with, however I understand they aren't for everyone or maybe you don't have that kind of budget.

I get it.

So let's chat.

Seriously, call me. Text me. Email me. Meet with me. Budget concerns? No worries, we got this!

Still need convincing? Read on to learn more about how this can work for you. I've broken it down and simplified it so it's a quick read.

Your establishment is your life's work - it should be promoted as so. 

Research shows more people are finding new places on Instagram than Yelp these days. Therefore the posted pictures should entice customers and bring in business.

There is absolutely NO REASON YOUR INSTAGRAM DOESN'T BRING IN AT LEAST 20% OF YOUR CUSTOMERS when utilized correctly!

  • I'll transform your Instagram and/or Facebook and strive to increase your revenue by using my social media expertise and tips & tricks that appeal to your target consumer.
  • I come in and take high resolution detailed photos - both magazine quality and lifestyle shots that appeal to the social media masses.
  • A quick write up and some of the best photos will be submitted to top industry publications and top social media accounts for reposting.
  • Photos can be used for menus, publications, brochures, gift cards, ads, business cards, social media and even huge billboards - they're yours to keep so do what you want with them. 
  • You want your establishment to be visited by some of the top social media influencing accounts in your area? I got ya covered there too - my influencing list is probably one of the best in the biz.
  • I have many reasons for keeping my clients secret, but mostly I'm a huge believer in the quote "Work Hard In Silence. Let Success Be Your Noise". That means all my behind the scenes work is done anonymously - no one will ever know it's me posting from your account or even taking those photos of your amazing establishment!
  • No data is EVER shared with any other client or prospective client. I'm all about strict confidentiality and offer NDA's if requested.
  • I take great pride in my work. I believe my work stands out. I believe my photos tell a story. I believe in doing it different from other photographers out there which is why I've studied my craft more in depth lately AND yours too. I've worked with celebrity chefs and some of the best restaurateurs around which has given me knowledgeable insight that has allowed me to know and grow.
  • I'll build your social media following. I'll get you more likes. That's way too easy...lets focus on bringing in revenue instead. *NOTE: many other social media marketing companies are known to purchase their clients likes/followers and ‘number rig’ their accounts to make it look like they have a large following, however, the photos aren't truly being seen by real customers! Why pay a social media manager to do absolutely nothing for you when it should be about increasing patrons & profit? Need examples of this? I've got a ton of analytics to prove it.

Now that I've piqued your interest kindly check out my INFO page for a list of some of my more public clientele & recent magazine contributions. While a good portion of my work has strict confidentially restrictions as mentioned above, I do try to add some client restaurant & bar images to my gallery WORK page every so often. Recently I've been lucky to work on some pretty huge ad campaigns for some of the most well known brands in the world and I've also been worked on some amazing film & television sets this year - most recent being Fear The Walking Dead in Rosarito & Valle De Guadalupe Mexico. You'll see more of my fun stuff if you're following me on Instagram so please send me a message there and say hi!

Click here to go to my home page or check out my gallery.